Hot mama!

Posted on August 5th, 2018

How to survive being pregnant in summer

Being pregnant when the temperature rises can make even the most cheerful pregnant woman a little grumpy and uncomfortable! Here are some quick and easy solutions you can do to help you get yourself through these hot summer days and nights with a little more comfort and make your summer pregnancy something to celebrate.

Cool comfortable clothes

Wearing clothing that is made of natural fibres, such as cotton or linen, versus synthetic fabrics can go a long way to keeping your body cool, allowing you to release the heat versus trapping it all in as your body does its best to regulate to cool itself down when the temperature rises. Light colours can also help give as they tend to absorb less of the sun’s hot rays. So forget trying to stuff your pregnant self into jeans or jumpers, summer is all about easy-to-wear maxi dresses, flowing tops, shorts and tank tops!

Eat your way cool

Claim you’re eating ice cream for the calcium – your baby need for this bone-building calcium gives you the perfect excuse to grab a cone or three…

During the summer months farmers markets and shops are overflowing with beautiful rainbow seasonal juicy fruit and vegetables, which are packed with the right nutrients for your growing bump. Feast on fresh corn, tomatoes, avocado, strawberries and cherries. You could even try making a cooling smoothie.

Try this delicious Strawberry cherry smoothie

Cherries and strawberries are a natural source of folic acid, perfect for the early development of your babies brain and spinal cord.

  • 250ml water
  • 1 orange peeled and separated into wedges
  • 1 banana
  • 1 tbs chai seeds
  • 500g strawberries hulled
  • 500g sweet cherries
  • Drizzle of honey or agave nectar, if desired

Blend all the ingredients in an electric blender. As a rule of thumb you want to add the liquid first and then the fruit last. I like to use frozen fruit so that it’s extra cooling.

Water with a Twist

Staying hydrated while pregnant is always a good idea, but when the temperature rises, making sure that your fluid intake is enough can be a challenge. Try putting a slice of lemon and some mint leaves, or a few pieces of your favourite fruit into your water bottle to encourage you to take frequent sips. A slice of cucumber-infused in your water is also very refreshing. Preparing several water bottles in advance and keeping them chilling in the fridge ready to grab and go will also make it easy to stay hydrated when the temperature climbs.

Take a Dip

Finding the time to take a swim in a local indoor or outdoor pool or beach can really help to refresh your pregnant body and mind on a warm summer day. As well as cooling your body, the water goes a long way in reducing swelling in your legs and feet, offers you an opportunity for some gentle exercise and gives you the feeling of lightness as the water helps reduce the sensation of being ‘very’ pregnant.

Watch a movie

I know this may sound a little unconventional, however what better excuse do you need to watch all the summer blockbusters whilst sitting in a lovely air-conditioned cinema. Skip the evening rush and head for a matinee where you’ll have lots of room to relax and enjoy without feeling overcrowded.


During the summer months it’s even easier to slow down and take some time out. Lay back in a hammock, lounge by the pool or even go on a babymoon! I’ve been on three and it’s definitely worth it 😉

Too hot to sleep?

One of my favourite tricks for sleeping when the nights feel hot and uncomfortable is to spray a light mist of water on my bottom sheet and pillow using a refillable spray bottle before I climb into bed. A drop of calming, pregnant-friendly essential oil in the water, can provide a soothing subtle smell to fall asleep to and the ever so slight mist helps cool your body as you fall asleep.

If you are feeling really fed up just think that soon your snuggly, warm, cuddly newborn will be arriving just in time for the cooler weather. Having your baby in your arms as the days turn cool is an excellent reward for being pregnant in the summer. Baby snuggles are always special, but there is something particularly wonderful about cuddling a newborn baby wrapped in a blanket in the winter months!

Bedfordshire Baby photography

I hope these tips help you stay a little cooler during the particularly hot spell that we are having.

Natalie xx