Licentiate with the Master Photographers Association

Posted on February 4th, 2019

I know this blog is very late coming to the table, but better late than never right?

Back in November I gained my Licentiate with the Masters Photography Association in Newborn Portraiture along with Newborn Certification in Safety. What does that mean exactly?

It means that I am now a Qualified Master Photographer in photographing Newborn as well as a ‘safe’ newborn photographer.

Here I am receiving my Certificates

In order to get these qualifications I had to put together a portfolio of 20 images to be assessed by four top Masters of Photography in the Country. These images were then put in front of a panel of judges who would have assessed lighting control, technique, composition, how safe the baby was posed and post production. I also had to put together a ‘working profile’ document proving in great detail all the health and safety measures I take in my studio when posing newborn babies.  I had to show in how I create composite images, which are two or more images taken together and then merged in Photoshop to create one beautiful image. Quite often parent’s supporting hands need to be removed from images in post-production.

Did you know that Newborn Photography is an unregulated industry where anyone can call themselves a Newborn Photographer? I worked very hard to get this certification as I wanted new mums and dads to know that I am a qualified and that their precious newborn is in very safe hands. To get this Safety Certification you have to show how you work with newborns in great details. Giving examples of before and after images that had been edited to remove hands and supporting props etc. I would encourage parents to speak to their photographer beforehand and ask how they will be working with their baby and what training they have had.

I welcome parents to visit my studio before their newborn session during their Bump Casting so that we can chat about what they want out of the session and if they have any worries.

Natalie xxx

Here are some of the images from my panel.

Newborn girl on pink background with heart Bedfordshire
Bedfordshire newborn in lace wrap in basket
Bedfordshire natural newborn photography
Bedfordshire beautiful newborn in basket photography
Bedfordshire twins in basket
Bedfordshire simple natural newborn
Bedfordshire newborn photography
Bedfordshire twin photography
Bedfordshire Black and white newborn in parents hands