About Me

Hello and welcome to Blossom Photography in Bedfordshire.

I’m Natalie, a fully qualified photographer who specialises in photographing babies, children and families. I have trained in the Art of Newborn Photography and I hold a Newborn Safety Certificate. This means that not only do I take beautiful, timeless images of you and your babies, but I also make the safety of your precious newborn my upmost priority.

Photography holds a special place in my heart. With three tiny babies of my own (5, 3 and 1) and each of them seeming to grow up faster than the one before, I see the baby and child stages as one the most precious that should be captured and cherished forever. They really don't stay little for long enough!

I would be thrilled to work with you and your family to create memories that you will treasure forever. See you at my cosy studio soon!

Natalie xxx

Blossom Photography Studio
Blossom Photography Studio
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